1Where can hospice services be provided?

Hospice can be provided wherever the person is residing: Home, Nursing Home, Assisted Living Community, Hospital or Hospice.

2How much will hospice services cost?

Medicare beneficiaries pay little or nothing for hospice, and most insurance plans, HMOs and managed care plans include hospice coverage.

3How long can hospice care be provided?

Hospice patients and families can receive care for six months or longer depending upon the course of the illness.

4Does choosing hospice mean giving up?

Hospice focuses on living… living as fully as possibly up until the end of life, aggressively managing symptoms such as pain. With hospice care, the focus changes from trying to cure the underlying disease to treating the symptoms caused by the disease, so that the patient is comfortable.

5Who are the members of the hospice team?

A hospice coordinator or director, Physicians (Medical Director), Nurses, Chaplains, Social Workers, Volunteers, Dietitians, Certified Nursing Assistants, Counselors, Pharmacists, and Therapists (physical, occupational, etc.).

6Is hospice care only for those diagnosed with cancer?

No. Hospice services are available for anyone who has a life-limiting illness. People who suffer from heart disease, dementia, stroke, lung disease, liver failure and renal failure may be eligible. Over fifty percent of hospice patients have illnesses other than cancer.